Ohjelma: HDW: Tulevaisuuden toimisto


A special episode in English with Tim Reusch and Robin Wycherley.

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In this English language episode of HDW’s The Future of the Office podcast, we look at the key trends in office design and how the pandemic has affected our spatial needs in the office. We also talk about wellness, Vitra’s new workplace concepts and design’s role in attracting people back into the office. Our guests are Tim Reusch, Head of Vitra’s Consulting and Planning Studio, and Robin Wycherley a Workplace Interior Architect and the founder of the Helsinki-based design studio Itu Design. The episode is hosted by Monocle’s Helsinki-correspondent Petri Burtsoff.

Yhteistyössä Vitra, Workspace, Isku, suunnittelutoimisto Fyra ja Helsinki Design Week.